View of the Valley

view of valley from hills
front of car, viewin-n-out cup in grasspanorama view of valley
Vans bench by road

A few of my friends and I left school early to get lunch and take a break. We stopped by In-N-Out got burgers and then drove up into the hills to eat our food surrounded by nature. It was beautiful day with clear skies and there was an amazing view of the entire valley. It was nice to be surrounded by silence and good friends. 



Monthly Favorites // 01 (February)

tote bag, Vans, nail polish, journal, favorites, shopping

These are a few of my favorite items from this past month (February), some I received as gifts during the holidays others I picked up more recently.  

    I don't buy new clothes very often, but when I do I make sure that any item I buy I completely love. For instance, I picked up this Madewell sweater while I was in Seattle this past January. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it hidden in a rack at a Buffalo Exchange.
  Around the holidays, I decided to treat myself and I was in need of a new pair of shoes.  I spotted my new Vans in the men's section at Urban Outfitters and liked the unique crackled suede texture.

essie nailposh, Madewell silver studs, shopping   For school I normally carry a backpack and for nights out a small clutch. In the last few months, I have spent countless hours sitting in various cafes and coffee shops working on college essays and other projects. I wanted a bag that I could carry my laptop in along with space for other items. My dream bag would be the transport tote from Madewell. Due to its rather expensive price tag especially for a student, I decided on this slouchy vegan leather tote from Urban Outfitters which was much more affordable. When it first arrived in the mail, I wasn't sure about the texture as it is clearly not leather, but it is growing on me.
    My mom surprised me for Christmas with silver studs from Madewell. Most days I don't wear earrings and these are so simple I could see them becoming an everyday accessory.

    I have always preferred darker colored nail polish except for the occasional cream or grey color in the summer. Essie's "after school boy blazer" is one of my latest favorites, a dark navy blue that appears almost black.

     My red Moleskin journal was my favorite accessory on my recent trip to Oregon and Washington. I originally bought it to write down notes in. However, after I left for my trip I decided to keep a travel diary to look back on in the future. My goal is to post a recap of my trip with plenty of photos soon. 
       You may have seen my Vetiver & Cardamon candle in my post about sleep. One of my sisters gave it to me for Christmas. I am fairly picky when it comes to smells and I find most candle smells to sweet. This one not too strong or sickly sweet. 



Weekend Recap // Chai Tea Lattes & Brussel Sprouts

crossword puzzle and sudoku at coffee shopeggs, hash browns and sausage for breakfast
brussel sprouts with baconCalifornia sunset

       I had a rather busy weekend with many hours spent in cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. This Past weekend was my mom's birthday so we all went out for Mediterranean food on Friday night. On Saturday,  I  spent quite a few hours at coffee shops working on homework. I re-discovered a love for soy chai tea lattes and had two within a period of three days.  I also picked up a new pair of running shoes at the mall. On Sunday, I spent more time sitting in a coffee shop, ate breakfast and worked on a sudoku puzzle. It was nice to take a break from technology and my to-do list.



What I Wore // A Day in SF

  This was my outfit from my day trip to SF last week. I wore black Topshop jeans, a jacket from Target, striped shirt from Zara, my white Converse, and my Kanken. 

Have a great weekend!


A Day in San Francisco

      I took a trip to San Francisco last week on a day off from school. We sat in a cafe for an hour drinking tea and eating a light breakfast before we caught the Muni to the Museum of Craft and Design in the Dogpatch neighborhood. It was smaller than I expected, but the exhibit was very interesting and interactive. We then took the Muni back toward downtown. We stopped at the Ferry building and picked up a few macaroons from Miette and then stopped at a Mexican restaurant for a late lunch. We ate our macaroons. I had a pistachio one, it was delicious and very filling. We walked around and did some window shopping before hopping back onto the Muni to head home. It was a nice break from my everyday routine and I had a lot of fun.



Cabin Fever

Reminded me a bit of girl scout camp...


4 Ways to Get Better Sleep

sleeping dog
     Sleep has numerous benefits to our health and well-being. Not only does it re-energize the body, but it also helps keep our appearance looking healthy, fight off illness, and keep our brain’s sharp.

     These past few months I have had less sleep than I have ever had in my life and I absolutely hate it. I love sleep. I look forward each night to resting my head down on my pillow. I dread the beep of my alarm each morning and the amount of homework I am likely to be assigned that I will ultimately have to stay up late doing. Recently, I have decided to work harder to make sure I get enough sleep or at least restful sleep each night. I decided to write down some of my tips and the items I am using to get the best sleep I can. 

Going to bed early
     On a normal day I wake up around 6:00 AM for school and get home around 4:00 PM. I usually eat a snack and relax before tackling my homework. If I am lucky I can finish my homework by 8:00PM, but I usually finish around 9:45 - 10:00 PM. At this time, I usually like to watch a tv show online before going to bed. Some nights my homework keeps me up even later than 10:00 PM. Recently, I have been putting the computer aside and forgoing the internet for more sleep. At the time, watching tv seems much more interesting than going to bed early, but in the long run, closing my computer early makes me feel much more rested in the morning. 

Fresh Pajamas and Clean Sheets
     Putting on Pajamas and sliding into a freshly made bed always makes me feel ready to fall asleep. My favorite sleep accessories are warm socks, my robe, silk pillowcases, and an eye mask.

     As of late, I have not been following my own advice on this, but decluttering your sleeping space does help you sleep. Right now, my room isn’t horribly messy, but it is cluttered. I haven’t made the time to straighten up my desk or my bedside table. Clutter can have an effect on your sleep. I know that when I walk into my room or lay on my bed, I notice all the things I need to straighten up. I focus on that and can end up laying in my bed thinking about all the things I need to get done. 

     I believe keeping a consistent routine is the best way for a person to get enough sleep. Establishing good habits and following a consistent routine definitely help me go to bed early.  I normally start my routine by packing my bag for the next day, putting on my pajamas and I occasionally will drink a cup of tea. I know that once I wash my face and brush my teeth it's time for bed as they are the last steps in my nighttime routine. 

Sweet Dreams!



Adding to My Succulent Family

trio of succulents

     You may remember my post about my first succulent that I picked up from a wedding. My little succulent family is growing!  These three little ones have joined the family and are sitting right below my window on my desk. My little sister surprised me with these on Christmas morning and I can't get over how tiny they are. 

Have a great weekend!



Imaginary Outfit // Project Day

     Saturday mornings are one of my favorite part of the week. The sunlight spills across my bed. I wake up feeling  refreshed and the best part is that it is the start of the weekend.  I usually save Sunday for homework and housework while Saturday is reserved for my creative projects including knitting, painting, or anything else I decide to try.

     For Christmas,  my sister gave me a pair of overalls to use as “art clothes.” Clothes I can paint in, build things, and basically do anything messy without damaging my everyday clothes. I thought I would make up an imaginary outfit for what I would wear and use for a Saturday morning painting, building, and creating. Can you tell I am looking forward to the weekend?



The Future

white pillows

     High school can be a stressful time. Not only do you have to handle classes, maintain good grades, and a social life, but you also have to think about the rest of your life. This seems like an overwhelming statement. How can someone so young, without very much life experience make a decision about the rest of their life?

   “You are at the perfect stage in your life where you basically cannot make a mistake.”  

      This was piece of advice I received from a kind, older women I met on the ferry to Bainbridge in Washington. Her words  made me think about my own journey to college and beyond. 

     College or University is a big decision, but it is not my only decision in life. I will have countless situations that could possibly change my future and college is only a small mark on my timeline. As soon as I came to recognize this, some of my worry subsided.

     I feel there is a lot of unnecessary stress when it comes to college and the admissions process. I can only talk about my own experiences, but I think other students are the worst perpetrators of the stress that surrounds college. People seem to get caught up in the negative details stressing themselves out even more, overwhelming themselves, and scaring those who have yet to enter into it. I am one of those people who has known what I wanted to study for almost my entire entire high school life. I didn’t know all the specifics, but was fortunate enough to figure that out by my junior year. However, most high school seniors are unsure about what field they want to go into or subject they want to study. Hearing so many of my classmates and friends get anxious about this decision had some impact. I began to doubt if my decision to study design was the right choice. I wondered if I had been to quick too commit. Thankfully, I came to realize that my decision was right for me. I learned to ignore other people's anxiety and focus only on my thoughts and feelings about the future.  

     Like many other high school seniors, I got caught up in all the fear of the unknown and stress of college that I put aside many of the things that make me happy, including blogging. I underestimated the time college apps and homework would take up.  The friends I have made it much more bearable, luckily, the thought of spending time with them helped me look forward to waking up and going to school. Without them, I don’t know how I would have been able to manage the overwhelming amount of work I had. I do enjoy school, but sometimes the sheer amount of work can be a little much. Now that I am all done with my applications and I am waiting to find out what schools I got into, I am determined to resume the many activities that add joy to my life such as knitting, blogging, testing out vegan recipes, and spending time with friends.

     As the next chapter of my life draws closer, I feel ready to take on the challenge of living alone, exploring the world, and pursuing my passions. I’m sure there will be obstacles and hard decisions, but I now understand that they’re a part of life and the best thing to do is to keep moving forward.