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Room Decor // The Art Wall

    In most dorms you cannot paint the walls or hang shelves or change them in any way that might risk losing your housing deposit. The same goes for many apartments. They are often cold cinder block or some other outdated/dreary material/color. The best way to make a room feel more homey is to fill it with personality. Art is often the best way to show personality, style and taste. The art wall is a design concept that has been around for many years and been adapted to many spaces.  I decided that for my room next year, I would create my own art wall. I gathered some inspiration from you guessed it...Pinterest. I bought most of my prints and posters from Society6 and designed a few of my own. I wanted to keep consistent with my monochrome decor by sticking with various shades of grey as well as white and black.  I did buy one poster with a bit of gold to add some contrast.  Framing the pieces and hang them with command hooks would look nice as well as possibly taping them up with black masking tape. 

Here are some of my posters and prints...

01 The Moon by Bonjour Au Revoir
02 Marble Tri Black & Gold by CharlotteWinter
03 A poster I designed.
04 Palm Reading by Cat Coquillete
05 Mt. McKinley by Kevin Russ

I am also thinking of taking the marble, geometric print and framing it to lean on my desk or dresser.


photo source: Fantastic Frank


Ferm Living

In case you haven't heard, I am headed off to school in a few weeks and I will have a new living space to make my own. Clean, minimalist, monochrome, and modern is my goal and Scandinavian design was my biggest inspiration. One of the pieces I wanted to get was a throw pillow that would complement my grey bedspread and monochrome decor. I have admired Ferm Living's pillows for a couple of years, but was hesitant to shell out so much money for a pillow. I scoured the Internet and was able to find one at a much lower price than most retailers. I decided on the Black Mini Stick cushion which comes in white and black.  I cannot wait to see how it looks on my bed!


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Weekend Recap // San Francisco & Renegade Craft Fair Part 2

       On Sunday, we drove back to the city for the Renegade Craft Fair. This is my fifth year attending and I was pleasantly surprised at how much it has grown. In the past it was only held in one building, but it is now located in two large warehouse sized spaces at Fort Mason. There are many amazing creators and I love checking out the various outfits in the crowd. We always make a point to stop at the free photo booth for a souvenir of our time. This year I didn't plan on buying anything except a refill for my perfume which just started to run out a couple of weeks ago. It is made by a local San Francisco company called L'Aromatica Perfume. I use their perfume "Brocade" with Jasmine and hints of Peach nectar. 

 It was a beautiful day in the city, with clear skies and gorgeous views. 



Weekend Recap // Marin County & San Francisco Part 1

San Franscisco Map in sunshine
View of Pacific Ocean in San Francisco
glass bottle in the sunshine
Pacific ocean with sunshine
Root Beer in Car console
This past weekend the family and I traveled to Marin County for a wedding. It was a traditional Eritrean wedding which was an interesting experience (google it for better reference). The women were dressed in traditional clothing, the food was delicious, and the music was loud and had a great beat. On our way to the wedding we ended up getting caught in three hours of traffic over the Golden Gate Bridge which led to some great picture opportunities while we sat in stand still traffic. 


Friday Favorite // MadewellxSézane

Madewell's latest collaboration came out a couple of days ago and I have been admiring the classic, French-inspired pieces on their site. I first heard about the collaboration after I saw the pieces pop-up across my Instagram feed. My favorite is the striped dress which is already sold out although it was completely available yesterday. 

Have a great weekend!


Look Book Love // Hug Point

This makes me want to travel back to the Oregon Coast.

Hug Point
Bridge & Burn SS15
PC: Ryan Plett


10 Things About Me

A few things about me...

1. I am short. 5' to be exact.
2. I have two younger sisters.
3. My favorite color is green.
4. I hate bananas.
5. Historical Fiction is my favorite book genre.
6. I am a design student in college.
7. Iceland at the top of my travel bucket list.
8. I enjoy watching foreign films especially in other languages. 
9. I am always cold and have learned to carry an extra sweater around with me just in case. 
10. I like to knit when I am stressed.

Have a great Monday!


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